Monday, June 22, 2009

My First Microsoft Certification

I passed today in MS exam 70.541. Of course im quite happy but it was a little bit easy, i have maybe 1,5years experience with MOSS mostly and with most of the question out there in the internet it was a 'walk in the park'.

One question intrigued me..i was sure it was wrong but Internet questions keep saying it was right...grrrr...but i didnt want to test my persistance so i checked the 'wrong' right one on the exam :D

So, maybe a next exam who knows... At least i can read other stuff...maybe BI

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Cannot start microsoft office outlook. Cannot open the outlook window

I got this error today, i thought it was strange since i hadnt done anything unusual. My collegue told to repair with Office Cd, ok no problem i can keep on work so... Then he asked me to reboot and i didnt liked it and after the reboot the problem persisted. Damn.

I found a MS Kb about a similar error, saved my REG just in case and changed it, no go.

Another google and i got into this post and this solved the problem. Three simple words, 1 command. Hope it helps you.

Run outlook.exe /resetnavpane