Thursday, July 29, 2010

IE8 Life Saver Tip

If you usually access say SharePoint (or any other site) with several users at the same time, for testing, admin, regular user, etc., you may found that IE8 doesnt allow you since every Window will share only one credential. With IE7 everything worked fine, it seems its a new 'feature'.

Well, the solution is pretty simple, File -> New Session, or else you can add "-nomerge" in your local IE shortcut.

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Files missing in SharePoint? Even from RecycleBin and (god forbids) AllUserData?

If files are disappearing from your SharePoint Document Library and you are (probably) using some custom code on SharePoint Doc Libs then check if you have any SPFile.Delete() call because if so, that row will disappear from SharePoint for ever...Unless you have you Backup/Restore working on.

Developers should be aware that there is another method, .Recycle() that will send the file to the RecycleBin, and this is safer in most cases. Of couse if RecycleBin is disabled this method doesn't add any value i guess...

There are other cases that will delete the file for ever like sp workflow deletions but im not aware of more...probably those that internally use Delete().

There are some nice posts with more info on this @ sharemypoint, and its also good to read the SPFile documentation ;)

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

A new challenge(company) for 2010!

Thats right, I'm starting 2010 at a new company, ANCP. I have great memories from my former company, DevScope, and i will always remeber it has a great place to work, always at the tip of the edge adopting new technologies, young and smart people working on new stuff that most people on the country haven't heard about, even those working on IT.

I just want to say thanks to everyone at DevScope, specially Luis Martins for the opportunity and Marco Silva with who i have been working more regularly in the past year ;)

Now I will be focusing on SharePoint, and start to learn a BPM tool for SharePoint, but because i have moved to a non-IT company i will be giving support to other stuff as well. It's a different point of view that, I hope, will give me a different perspective to my work and insight to the business. Also because it's a government agency i might not be exposing everything i will be doing, still, expect some more SharePoint stuff, and more. Wish me luck @ ANCP.