Thursday, December 3, 2009

Language "pt-PT" does not exist in this MessageManager instance


We were having some problems with the Variation site of a Commerce 2009 Contemporary Site. It seems when errors happen the message doesnt get translated. These things happen for example when searching and presenting orders in Order History. In the root or en-US site they work ok. In MOSS logs we didnt find much information.

We have most of the functionality working on the pt variation but these 'errors' were stoping us from advancing.

We get something like this in event log:
Pipeline Error: Component Execution failed for component[0x9] hr: 0x1B5AA390 ProgID: Commerce.OrderDiscount.1 Language "pt-PT" does not exist in this MessageManager instance. And something like this: An exception of type 'System.Runtime.InteropServices.COMException' occurred and was caught.
12/02/2009 15:19:14 Type : System.Runtime.InteropServices.COMException, mscorlib, Version=, Culture=neutral, PublicKeyToken=b77a5c561934e089 Message : Component Execution failed for component[0x9] hr: 0x1B5AA390 ProgID: Commerce.OrderDiscount.1 Language "pt-PT" does not exist in this MessageManager instance. Source : Commerce.MtsPipeline

We solved it by creating a MessageManager Resource dll, all info here:

You can find rc.xml in commerce sdk, RCxml2resx in commerce tools, resgen and al in visual studio command prompt.

We lost some time with this, and this solved almost all our problems, it should be documented in the variations paper ;)

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Commerce Server 2009 + Windows 2008 R2 + Alias

If you get a strange error running Sharepoint Comerce Server Wizard at unpacking or having problems running PUP.exe and have an ALIAS configured for Sql, try adding the alias to the hosts file. This solved some problems. It seems PUP.exe uses named pipes to access Sql, go figure..

An error has occurred (80004005): [DBNETLIB][ConnectionOpen (Connect()).]SQL Server does not exist or access denied.

Thursday, November 12, 2009

.NET 3.5 SP1 missing when installing Commerce Server 2009 on Win 2008 R2

When you try to install Commerce Server 2009 (after the 2007 install) on a Windows Server 2008 R2 you will get an error saying to install .NET 3.5 SP1.

You may try to install it, but you cant, when you try to install it extracts and the installer know why? R2 already comes with 3.5 SP1 (a warning on the installer saying its already installed would give us a better clue)

After some poking around we found a MS hot fix...a reg key is missing on the 3.5 SP1 of the R2.

Please stay around for more CS2009 info and also check my colleague Marco's Silva blog, for it will have soon more CS2009 goddies ;)

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Annoying error Saving Page Content, and Compatibility View

There are some annoying things while we work, Saving Page Content is one of them:

Its easy to get rid of: Advanced Settings, disable "Enable native XMLHTTP support".

Another thing i didnt understand was i didnt had compability view enabled in IE8 and i didnt understand why, here are the reasons:

Sometimes the Compatibility View button isn’t displayed. The button is located on the address bar next to the ‘stop’ and ‘refresh’ buttons. There are a few cases where there’s no action for a user take and, thus, the Compatibility View button will not show:
  • If you're viewing an internal-to-Internet Explorer page (such as about:InPrivate)
  • If you're viewing a page that has declared it's "ready" for Internet Explorer 8 through use of the versioning tag / HTTP header (it doesn’t matter if this tag triggers Quirks, IE7 Standards, or IE8 Standards, the button won’t be displayed)
  • If you're viewing an intranet page and you have the ‘Display intranet sites in Compatibility View’ checkbox selected
  • If you're viewing any webpage and you have the ‘Display all websites in Compatibility View’ checkbox selected
  • If you're viewing a webpage that is included on the Microsoft-supplied compatibility view updates list and you have the ‘Include updated website lists from Microsoft’ checkbox selected
  • If you've toggled either the ‘Document Mode’ or ‘Browser Mode’ settings via the Developer Toolbar

Thursday, October 22, 2009


Just found out about a nice feature unknowed by me atleast...Extensions!

Just create something like:

public static class Extensions
bool MYMETHOD(this int value)
return whatever;

This will cause an extension to the int32 class, so in every int you will be able to call MYMETHOD, like this:

int n = 4;
do something;

Maybe alot of you already know this but i didnt...pretty usefull.

Friday, September 18, 2009

Another tool for BDC

Just found out about a new tool from Simego for BDC Application Definition Files, MOSS BDC Design Studio($200) is cheaper than Metaman($1200) and it seems that it does some things Metaman doesnt.

More reviews here and here.

PS: I'm on a small project working with BI, SSAS and SRS with SharePoint, mostly setting up the envorinment and found out the value of SQL Profiler ;)
Oh and its nice to work with Reports inside Sharepoint, real fun.

Also designing some simpler than Visual Studio Workflows on SPD, a bit weird at first but after you get it its pretty straight forward.

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Thursday, August 6, 2009

Unattended Quiet SQL Express Installation

It might be a little bit difficult to find the right params to install SQLEXPR32.exe in unattended mode so here it, if i need it again:



Friday, July 24, 2009

FBA Management in SP

If you have FBA in your Farm, with data on SQL it can be a pain to manage the users, and the client will want a nice way to manage them.

Well, this guy did it :)

Thursday, July 23, 2009

FBA in SharePoint

Just for my own internal record:

Forms Authentication in SharePoint Products and Technologies (Part 1): Introduction
Summary: Explore several new features for authentication and authorization in Microsoft Office SharePoint Server 2007 and Windows SharePoint Services 3.0 that make it easier to develop and deploy solutions in Internet-facing and extranet environments. This article is part 1 of 3. (26 printed pages)

Steve Peschka, Microsoft Corporation
Published: December 2007
Updated: June 2009
Applies to: Microsoft Office SharePoint Server 2007, Windows SharePoint Services 3.0

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Cant upload big files in 2008

If you have changed the file size limit in CA, and then it doesnt work, check if you have win2008 since there's an knowed issue.

Found solution here. KB here.

Good resource on large files and Sharepoint: Paul Gavin.

Sharepoint Training

Office SharePoint Server 2007 Training download.

Maybe the best training road map for sharepoint:

But 2010 is coming :)

Backup and restore, content types disappear

If you try to backup a site collection and restore it, everything looks fine but when you try for example to create a page you might receive a nice 'content type not found' error.

Not even the default content types are 'restored'. A google search pointed me to this site.

Marvelous, just run the SharePoint Products and Technologies Configuration Wizard and you should be back in business. Real simple solution.

Monday, June 22, 2009

My First Microsoft Certification

I passed today in MS exam 70.541. Of course im quite happy but it was a little bit easy, i have maybe 1,5years experience with MOSS mostly and with most of the question out there in the internet it was a 'walk in the park'.

One question intrigued me..i was sure it was wrong but Internet questions keep saying it was right...grrrr...but i didnt want to test my persistance so i checked the 'wrong' right one on the exam :D

So, maybe a next exam who knows... At least i can read other stuff...maybe BI

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Cannot start microsoft office outlook. Cannot open the outlook window

I got this error today, i thought it was strange since i hadnt done anything unusual. My collegue told to repair with Office Cd, ok no problem i can keep on work so... Then he asked me to reboot and i didnt liked it and after the reboot the problem persisted. Damn.

I found a MS Kb about a similar error, saved my REG just in case and changed it, no go.

Another google and i got into this post and this solved the problem. Three simple words, 1 command. Hope it helps you.

Run outlook.exe /resetnavpane

Friday, April 24, 2009


The other day i discovered SPUtility, while browsing i found out some nice methods, check them out :-)

·         SPUtility.SendEmail(web, false, false, "", subject, body);


·         string featurePath =SPUtility.GetGenericSetupPath("template\\features");


    // returns C:\Program Files\Common Files\Microsoft Shared\web server extensions\12\TEMPLATE\FEATURES



Redirect to the SharePoint Error Page.
            This is a nice way of handling errors cleanly and consistently.

// some code that might fail 
 catch (SPException ex) 
SPUtility.TransferToErrorPage("An error occurred.\n" + ex.Message); 



        4. Redirect to any page.
            I find this really handy as you can provide flags that let you redirect relative to the layouts directory (if you have some custom layout pages)

    // send user to login page 
    SPUtility.Redirect("login.aspx", SPRedirectFlags.RelativeToLayoutsPage,HttpContext.Current);



Saturday, February 21, 2009

Great CAML IntelliSense

This is intellisense using the default XSD right?

Well John Holliday did some extension that enhances the CAML.NET IntelliSense Experience, download it here. It has some nice time saving potencial right?


DevDays is the big Microsoft event in Portugal, like TechDays, but at a Portuguese scale, so a bit small but still pretty cool, this year presented in IST at Tagus Park. I went to the first day and had a great time, learn a lot about BI, something that was almost unknowned to me (i didn't knew MDX so...) and now since PerformancePoint is going to sit on top of SharePoint i thought i would be nice to learn something about it. I really liked Nelson Luciano and Rui Quintino (co worker at DevScope :) stuff on BI, the first one was very introductory but very wide, Rui's presentation was much more advanced and very informative. The new stuff from .NET 4.0 was pretty interesting and Nuno Godinho is a good&fun speaker. Parallels Extension was also very good, those work units that can scale for N cores is really great we hope more on that in the future. Too bad the SharePoint session was canceled and went to day 2 which i didn't go to. I also had time to learn a bit about Scrum and TFS in a Tiago Pascoal session that was also good.

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Visual Studio 2010 & SharePoint

For all of you that are developing in SharePoint, check it out the new Visual Studio 2010 and the goodies it has for SharePoint. Visual WebParts? Server Explorer (SPManager?;-) Feature Manager, pretty cool stuff

Check the video here.

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

SharePoint gets bigger

It seems Microsoft is adding more stuff into SharePoin, and great stuff by the way!!

New goodies comming into SharePoint:
  • Performance Point – “An integrated performance management application that allows business decision makers to be in control. Microsoft Performance Management allows customers to monitor, analyze, and plan their business as well as drive alignment, accountability, and actionable insight across the entire organization.”
  • ESP for SharePoint – “FAST ESP delivers to users the relevant, accurate and timely answers and insights they need to make smart, fast decisions. Online businesses win by helping their customers and visitors find relevant content, products, services and communities, building loyalty and driving revenue in the process. Corporations and government organizations win by helping knowledge workers more quickly discover authorized information and analyze results, improving productivity and uncovering business intelligence.”
Check it all out @ Michael Gannotti

Monday, February 9, 2009

Nice filter string for importing profiles


Original article here.

Forbiden QueryString Parameters

  • FeatureId
  • ListTemplate
  • List
  • ID
  • VersionNo
  • ContentTypeId
  • RootFolder
  • View
  • FolderCTID
  • Mode
  • Type

Monday, February 2, 2009

Heads Up

SPDispose Check by Microsoft has been released[garb it here], and its a helpfull resource for checking the disposals in your code.

I created a bat file and now i run that bat in Open With and he checks that dll right there the bat is pretty simple:

@"SPDisposeCheck" "%1"


Be sure to have the spdisposecheck.exe in path or same directory.

Fancy Exception on SP UI? Checkout the paste source for more from uk sharepoint group

 throw new SPException("Your custom message here");


Pasted from <

Another nice tool from Bamboo, havent tried it much but if you have the time, im sure you can squeeze some juice out of it

Bamboo Sharepoint analyser:

Another goodie i really want to try out in a new project is SPConfigStore @ No more hardcoding? ;)

The SharePoint Config Store is intended for SharePoint developers, and provides the framework to be able to use a SharePoint list for application configuration values. This is useful when there are certain values used in a site or application's code, but we don't to hardcode them or even store them in web.config. Storing such values in a list means they can be easily updated (possibly by end users if you choose to allow this) without requiring access to the web server's filesystem.

Example config items for a SharePoint site/application/control could be:

'AdministratorEmail' - ''

'SendWorkflowEmails' - 'true' shows how to debug timer jobs but really almost anything in MOSS