Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Annoying error Saving Page Content, and Compatibility View

There are some annoying things while we work, Saving Page Content is one of them:

Its easy to get rid of: Advanced Settings, disable "Enable native XMLHTTP support".

Another thing i didnt understand was i didnt had compability view enabled in IE8 and i didnt understand why, here are the reasons:

Sometimes the Compatibility View button isn’t displayed. The button is located on the address bar next to the ‘stop’ and ‘refresh’ buttons. There are a few cases where there’s no action for a user take and, thus, the Compatibility View button will not show:
  • If you're viewing an internal-to-Internet Explorer page (such as about:InPrivate)
  • If you're viewing a page that has declared it's "ready" for Internet Explorer 8 through use of the versioning tag / HTTP header (it doesn’t matter if this tag triggers Quirks, IE7 Standards, or IE8 Standards, the button won’t be displayed)
  • If you're viewing an intranet page and you have the ‘Display intranet sites in Compatibility View’ checkbox selected
  • If you're viewing any webpage and you have the ‘Display all websites in Compatibility View’ checkbox selected
  • If you're viewing a webpage that is included on the Microsoft-supplied compatibility view updates list and you have the ‘Include updated website lists from Microsoft’ checkbox selected
  • If you've toggled either the ‘Document Mode’ or ‘Browser Mode’ settings via the Developer Toolbar

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i did but its not working