Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Log Parser

Just found out about Log Parser 2.2 from Microsoft, and while I was at it, i grabbed Visual Log Parser from CodePlex for a nice GUI (who likes cl right?)

This is simple app that I found out while trying to understand by IIS was recycling too many times and browsing this post.

It looks like you can query your EventViewer and a ton of other Log repositories just like a regular SQL database:

Select top 100 *
from \\server\System where SourceName = 'W3SVC'
and EventID in (1009;1010;1011;1074;1077;1078;1079;1080;1117)
order by timegenerated desc

Better than scrolling up and down right? You can even build up some VBS or something else to have some real time data from your logging. And this will work for different log platforms.

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