Saturday, October 12, 2013

1st Iberian SharePoint Conference

Just came from the first Iberian SharePoint Conference and I'm really happy to say that it was a great conference, with a lot of very good sessions. Met a lot of new people, everyone with a deep knowledge on Sharepoint in common and it was really good to exchange ideas and experience on Sharepoint. All this geekness talk makes me want to put my hands on and start doing more stuff! Everyone should do this once in a while to get them motivated. See you all next time hopefully :)

These were the sessions I enjoyed the most:
  • Gustavo Velez​ - OAuth y OData para valientes (Spanish session)
    • A good simplification of OAuth in order to understand the core concepts mixed with more advanced stuff on tokens etc.
  • Andre Lage - What should be aware with upgrade migration to SharePoint 2013 (English session)
    • Great stuff, you can see it all comes from someone who is in deep on massive SP deployments.
  • David Martos - DEV - ALM y SharePoint´- BEEZY session(Spanish session)
    • Very entertaining and informative talk, not in detail but still a lot of insight.
  • Jose Quinto - Búsqueda empresarial en detalle con SharePoint 2013 (Spanish session)
    • Probably one of the most useful talks, with a lot of hand's on Search.
  • Rodrigo Pinto - SharePoint Development Toolbelt Session (English session)
    • Great talk, serious tools showed up here, really helpful gems when working on SP.
Check it all out @ and wait for the slides and videos.

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