Saturday, February 21, 2009


DevDays is the big Microsoft event in Portugal, like TechDays, but at a Portuguese scale, so a bit small but still pretty cool, this year presented in IST at Tagus Park. I went to the first day and had a great time, learn a lot about BI, something that was almost unknowned to me (i didn't knew MDX so...) and now since PerformancePoint is going to sit on top of SharePoint i thought i would be nice to learn something about it. I really liked Nelson Luciano and Rui Quintino (co worker at DevScope :) stuff on BI, the first one was very introductory but very wide, Rui's presentation was much more advanced and very informative. The new stuff from .NET 4.0 was pretty interesting and Nuno Godinho is a good&fun speaker. Parallels Extension was also very good, those work units that can scale for N cores is really great we hope more on that in the future. Too bad the SharePoint session was canceled and went to day 2 which i didn't go to. I also had time to learn a bit about Scrum and TFS in a Tiago Pascoal session that was also good.

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