Monday, February 2, 2009

Heads Up

SPDispose Check by Microsoft has been released[garb it here], and its a helpfull resource for checking the disposals in your code.

I created a bat file and now i run that bat in Open With and he checks that dll right there the bat is pretty simple:

@"SPDisposeCheck" "%1"


Be sure to have the spdisposecheck.exe in path or same directory.

Fancy Exception on SP UI? Checkout the paste source for more from uk sharepoint group

 throw new SPException("Your custom message here");


Pasted from <

Another nice tool from Bamboo, havent tried it much but if you have the time, im sure you can squeeze some juice out of it

Bamboo Sharepoint analyser:

Another goodie i really want to try out in a new project is SPConfigStore @ No more hardcoding? ;)

The SharePoint Config Store is intended for SharePoint developers, and provides the framework to be able to use a SharePoint list for application configuration values. This is useful when there are certain values used in a site or application's code, but we don't to hardcode them or even store them in web.config. Storing such values in a list means they can be easily updated (possibly by end users if you choose to allow this) without requiring access to the web server's filesystem.

Example config items for a SharePoint site/application/control could be:

'AdministratorEmail' - ''

'SendWorkflowEmails' - 'true' shows how to debug timer jobs but really almost anything in MOSS

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